We Offer Distance Education Programs in all most all majors and disciplines.
We are accredited by International Accreditation Association for Distance & online / on-campus Universities.

Degree Level Programs

University Offers Bachelor’s Program, Master’s Program, Ph.D (Doctorate) and D.Sc & D.Litt (Post Doctoral) Programs. The Students can choose the study method suiting to their convenience and availability of time. They can study on line method or Tutorial method or by correspondence method. The Degree certificates do not mention Distance, Tutorial or Correspondence method on the certificate.

The University recognizes your work experience and grants credits on your educational background, work experience and in house training and various seminars attended. They can get exemptions in subjects and can complete the degree fasters.

The United States Department of Education encourages and support home study programs.


Once a student’s decides to enroll, he/she should complete the application for the admission and return it to VGU along with any transcripts from other institutions and a resume and testimonials for work experience and training acquired. After this information has been evaluated by the Academic Council and Faculty Review Committee, the applicant will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of his or her application.

Transfer Credits

The University recognizes training and career based life and work expertise. There is no limit to the number of transfers, life work, or professional service credits that can be evaluated towards your degree.

The Acceptance of the credits earned in one University by the University depends in the policies of acceptation of the University.

The University has its own prerogative on this decision. Non acceptance of the credits earned in University by another University may not be interpreted as Unrecognized University. It is a matter of Policies of Accreditation Type of each University.

This is relevant only in those situations where the students discontinues studies in the middle of the course completion before getting the degree and transferring the earned credits to another University to complete the degree. Prospective students should consider carefully their personal goals and the reason for enrolling before choosing a university. In United states Accrediction is done by Private regional Accrediting bodies and not by the natural government as in case of other countries of the world. In US and some other countries of the world, many licensing authorities as the basis for licensing to practice professions such as Medicine, Law, Engineering etc.

In some cases, Universities which are regionally accredited may not accept for transfer course and degree completed at other colleges or universities that are not regionally accredited, and some employers, particularly in Govt. sectors, may accept only degrees that were obtained from institutes that are accredited by a regional accreditation agency.

On the other hand increasing numbers of universities and business are beginning to recognize the superior majority social consequences and quality of scholarship of nontraditional the student portfolio is coming to be recognized by admission committed and business executives as a more reliable indicator of quality of scholarship and future success then test score and grade point average. This is due in part at least to the greater emphasis in depth understanding and quality of performance that is reflected on the portfolios of non traditionally educated students.

Non Traditional, cutting edge Universities such as Victoria Global University are particularly appropriate for and appealing to students who are oriented to the future and who want to acquire the skills and capabilities to share to forgoing careers in new human scale people nurturing institutions and societies.


Ph.D & D.Sc are available in every specialization of Medical Science/ Dental Science.

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