Victoria Global University, Ltd is chartered by the Government of, Turks & Caicos, to seek international accreditation and to offer the highest quality degree and certificate programs. Victoria Global University’s Memorandum of Association authorizes Victoria Global University to function in its pure format (see manifesto) and to pursue international recognition. Victoria Global University is legally enabled to confer Associate, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees on all students who have met the graduation requirements of the University. The University is not listed with any accreditation association or agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Victoria Global University College is fully accredited by International Accreditation Association for Online/On-Campus Universities (IAAOU). The IAAOU is an International organization dedicated to academic excellence. Founded in 1965, IAAOU was established to provide certificates of measurement and evaluation of the educational and professional credentials and practices of religious and other nontraditional schools teachers and students.

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Degree Recognition
In almost every country in the world colleges are recognized and licensed by a Nation’s Ministry of Education. VGU is chartered to award degrees by the government of Turks & Caicios, which is part of the British Commonwealth and is accredited by the International Accreditation Association for Online/On-Campus Universities (IAAOU).

As you will conclude after viewing the curriculum, these degrees are of the highest quality and are recognized by business and industry. For examples, Executive Directors of two major US trade schools in California have either a degree or a degree from an unaccredited internationally recognized university. In addition, many instructors in the trade school industry have their degrees from international universities.
The United States does not have a Federal Ministry of Education. However, for a nominal fee, there is a service available to United States of America students that attend Victoria Global University You may use the following to obtain a certificate that will evaluate.

Transferring Credits to Victoria Global University
Only in very special circumstances can credits be transferred into the program. However, if you have read materials that are part of the curriculum, you will find that the process will move quickly. If you make a serious commitment, the program may be completed in a very reasonable time frame.


Ph.D & D.Sc are available in every specialization of Medical Science/ Dental Science.

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