The University Council

The University Council is the supreme governing body of the University and in that capacity determines the policies by which the University operates and reviews the financial performance of the University and its component parts. The strategic priorities of the University Council include mission, organizational structure, academic integrity, operational responsibility and planning. University Council meet regularly to ensure accountability of the University to its students and to conduct its general business. The formal responsibilities are detailed in the Statutes, but the Council also seeks to comply with all relevant codes of practice in the conduct and regulation of its affairs.

The majority of members being independent and whose skills, experience and expertise reflect the full range of the University's activities. A variety of backgrounds, including the private sector, are represented with members possessing the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that the Global University of Management and Technology meets its goals and ambitions and able to promote the University's interests in local, national and international arenas.

Academic Standards & Quality Committee (ASQC)
The Committee shall be the highest academic body of the University and, subject to the provisions of the statutes and regulations, shall have the control and general direction of instruction, research and examination and the power to award degrees, diplomas and certificates. Below are links to documents related to VGU-ASQC and:
  1. VGU - ASQC Terms of Reference
  2. VGU - ASQC Standing Orders
  3. VGU - ASQC Senate Statutes
  4. VGU - ASQC Standing Committees
Advisory Board
The Advisory Board of VGU meets regularly to provide inputs on academic, research, administration, outreach, advocacy, and development. The Board reviews the graduate and undergraduate curriculum and Degree programs, programs educational objectives, and program outcomes, and offers suggestions for change to keep them current. The board evaluates the quality and scope of our research, its relationship to our programs, its relevancy and help guide future directions. The Board recommends way to build new relationship with industry and to go strengthen those we have.

Officer of the University
  1. President
  2. CEO
  3. Registrar
  4. Dean
  5. Finance Officer
  6. Head of the Departments


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